Andrew Weatherall @ City Hall 13/4/13

Collect did something a bit special for their recent night, holding the main event in Sheffield’s prestigious City Hall Ballroom.

It’s a great space and is no stranger to putting on big dance events; early bleep nights like Jive Turkey were on there back in 89/90. Andrew Weatherall, who had the main spot, didn’t fail to live up to the sea of party goers’ expectation with his selective electro/techno/house sounds, although at times the BPM did feel a bit slow. The venue was literally jumping within the old pillars and grand ceiling of the Ballroom itself. The only downside of the night was the pretty poor service at the bar and the overzealous security.

However, the combination of great sound, fantastic vibe and grand setting was really quite amazing. The after party continued at DLS itself, seeing Daniel Avery please the crowd with his amazing set in the main room, which later on had the Collect Robot join the crowds, much to the revellers’ delight. This, again, was one to remember from the Collect guys and really was a fantastic effort in the face of licence problems on the run up to this event.

Review by RiChard

Pic by Jason Plews

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