Assasins-creed_12114Assassins Creed: Rogue is one of two additions to the franchise, Unity being the other next gen version. From a business standpoint, it would seem to be a gamble, especially considering they are also releasing Far Cry 4 just four days later. One can only imagine that sales (sails) will suffer because of this.

Rogue serves as more or less a sequel to the absolutely astounding Blag Flag instalment last year. This time the attention is focussed on Shay, a trained assassin who joins the templar after a perceived betrayal by the creed. Much like Black Flag, the story element is quite gripping and Shay is a likeable protagonist.

Gameplay wise, nothing has changed. A few minor tweaks here and there, such as the threat of being ambushed by assassins and sailing through frozen areas of the North Atlantic. The game looks incredible, just as Black Flag did and shows how Ubisoft have truly squeezed every ounce of processing power from last gen consoles.

The only problem is that it’s just much, much more of the same. Perhaps too much. The available world seems to be double in size and has less to do in terms of side quests, save for gathering the excessive amounts of collectibles. This is something that many Ubisoft games have started to suffer with. Play areas can be too large and cramming them with pointless object hunts detracts from the excellent games they produce. That said, Rogue is a fine addition to the franchise still.

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