Batman: Arkham Knight – (PS4/XBONE)

bats1Rocksteady deliver the finale of their Arkham trilogy, and the series goes out with and assured bang.

Interestingly, the Big Bad this time around is Scarecrow, seeing a promotion after his memorable levels in Asylum and not showing his face in City. That Rocksteady feel he can stand shoulder to shoulder with, say, Joker is supported by a suitably bombastic treatment. Dr. Jonathan Crane, Ph.D is a dark bad ass, and a fine foil for old Bats.

Another starring role doled out was to The Batmobile, much to the chagrin of thousands of empty vessels crying like girls on gaming forums everywhere. Their whininess is unfounded, though, as it can sometimes steal the show. A powerhouse in drive mode, and a nimble and highly controllable death-dealer in battle mode, it’s hard to imagine the other games without it, after a short while.

As can be expected, Arkham Knight boasts an impressive roster with pretty much everyone you can want from a Gotham City-based tale popping up in some form or other, each bringing their own unique set of challenges – though, whether or not you’ll welcome back Riddler and his  hundreds of tasks depends entirely on your worldview.

Arkham Knight will keep you busy for a while, and have you smiling as you do it.

Hal Walker

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