Bear a Festival

Festival_bag_0715Festivals too much to bear? Can’t bear the thought of getting all muddy in a field? Don’t fancy baring all in a tent amongst a field full of strangers? Ok. I’ll stop.

Beartooth are an American metal-core band set to melt your ears and eyes and drain all bodily fluid from your body with their heavy bass drum and insane guitar riffs.

The place to find them is at Leeds Fest this year as they smash The Pit on the Sunday; they’re riding high on the back of their latest single ‘In Between’ and are no strangers to the muck, grime and generally grossness of festivals. So why am I telling you this?

WELL. We have 3 ‘festival survival kits’ up for grabs, complete with tote bag, poncho, bottle opener, bottle, toothbrush, sun cream and wet wipes – also known as the stuff your mum told you to take but you forgot anyway.

All you gotta do to win is answers this one for us:

Cool. Answers by the 28th of July.

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