Bill Bailey – City Hall – 16th Oct

Bill_Bailey_1115I imagine most people have heard of Bill Bailey. If not check out the cult classic series Black Books. You won’t regret it.

I knew little about his stand-up, other than the incorporation of music into the act. This was of course the case in Limboland and between jokey riffs were songy jokes. Bailey even constructed a track in front of us, taking a vocal sample from someone in the front seats to make the bass and a chorus from the whole crowd to use for a second instrument. This did not go smoothly but there-in lies the comedy. Bailey is clearly a veteran of stand-up, confident on stage and comfortable to let the show take it’s own direction making it feel like a unique experience.

The strangest heckle in which the heckler forgot what she intended to say became a great and hilarious mystery.  Despite my personnel preferences Bailey put on a fun show that kept me in hysterics.

Review by Peter Andrews

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