Bizzare Ride II the pharcyde – O2 Academy – 10th Jul

Pharcyde_02_0815Due to some dragged feet, we sadly missed the support in its entirety—sorry about that, chaps—but upon entry, we were assured that we’d missed something special. I knew that last pint in The Old Monk would come back to haunt us .

Still, the sensation of wandering into a venue and happenstance upon the headliners embarking on their first number is one of relief, and backs were slapped all round in the name of impeccable timing.

But, wait. Lo. Where the cock is Fatlip? Oh, man, he’s done it again. This is Phoenix festival ‘96 all over again, where not only did he fail to show, but Wu-Tang’s Gza was similarly absent. Hopefully this doesn’t portend ill for Gza’s scheduled gig here in September.

Were it not for a rousing performance at Brudenell in Leeds last year, I’d suspect Fatlip of never actually being in The Pharcyde, though he did tear it up at DQ a couple of years back. Partial credit.
Here, though, is a performance of 1992’s ‘Bizarre Ride II’ in its entirety, and done so with a characteristic gusto, despite being a man down. Lapped up, of course; it’s a captive audience, chiefly concerned with good times, and the having thereof. A medley of album two joints (“Drrrrrrop!”) followed, and we dashed off into the night, feeling like 15-year-olds again.

Review by Hal Walker.
Pic by Jacob Flannery

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