Blood Bowl II – (PS4)

bb2I was intrigued to play Blood Bowl 2 simply on the virtue of it being a turn-based RPG/ strategy and American Football hybrid. Having never delved into either the video games or the tabletop version, I was going in blind.

The game has a single player tutorial campaign, which doesn’t show what it has to offer quickly enough. Each match lasts at least an hour and the full version of the game isn’t playable until around the fourth match – something I feel may put off newcomers to the series. Those newcomers should persist as the blend of strategic play and the whims of the RNG gods make a game fun and frustrating in the right balance.

A game is simply 16 turns each (8 per half) to move your players to score a touchdown.  You can choose to try to injure as many opposing players as possible, or use an agile team to run the ball past them for victory.  Different teams comprise of various races from the Warhammer universe; Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Chaos etc and all have perks and downsides. Dwarves, for example, have high defence, but terrible agility, so ‘running’ the ball to the goal with them is not an option.

The price point is the game’s biggest detriment. It ‘feels’ like a low priced downloadable title, yet retails for around £45. It is best as a multiplayer, forming leagues with friends, yet sadly it is highly likely people won’t give it a try because of the price.

Word by Ants Ambridge

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