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Artform Records have been releasing high-quality techno for 15 years, now. We speak to label Boss Jamie Anderson about the upcoming gig at DLS this month.

Why did you originally set up the Artform label?
I set the label up primarily to release my own music, and to be free creatively to experiment with new forms of Techno and Tech-House music.

Is it a different beast now that you’ve gone digital in your distribution?
Yes, it’s entirely different with digital. We still do vinyl but not at the level we were selling in the pre-digital era. Another big game-changer was the move from analogue studios to PCs and laptops – this opened up music making and DJing to so many more people. I don’t think the pressing plants would have been able to keep up with the influx of new music without digital.

With the many different medias available now for DJ (CD’s, vinyl, Traktor, Serato etc), what do you play out on and why?
Personally, I use CDs and Vinyl. I’ve used Ableton when performing live but prefer to be hands-on when I DJ. This could change though as, at one point, I swore to never play CDs.

Over your career how do you think Techno and Tech-house has changed?
The main change has been that it all slowed down a few beats per minute. The types of tracks that used to get released as interesting B-sides are now the A-sides. In the 90’s the 909 drum machine dominated but, in the 2000s, the 808 came back in and the 303 is still trying to have a revival every few years or so. Techno still sounds better when it’s analogue though, and I’ve noticed a return of more classic sounds recently.

What plans do you have for the future?
Next up on Artform, we’ll be releasing a 15 years compilation, and have new releases from myself and Roberto scheduled. I will also re-launch the Fixia label in the coming months, this started out as a sub-label of Artform which has a deeper techno sound.

What can Sheffield expect on the 24th Nov?
Three of the UK’s most prominent techno artists that have produced for Artform will be joining me to celebrate the labels 15 year anniversary. Expect forward thinking techno, cutting edge and funky tech-house, mixed together with a few of our very own classic Artform tracks and a kick-arse clubnight, making it a truly unforgettable party.

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