Collect Presents Artform Records @ DLS 24/11/12

It was pissing down tonight; it looked like a lot of Sheffield’s underground party people had stayed in and drawn the curtains for the evening.
The main room was busy enough, though, and was soon pumping to the heavy house sounds of Roberto. Apparently, main act Dave Angel had gotten a bit lost on his way down from a slot at Orbit in Leeds. This merely served to allow Artform Records’ head honcho Jamie Anderson to rock a great set of his best tech-house and some label classics, re-worked. Other rooms played host to the Itchy Pig crew with guest Bozzwell, amongst others, tearing it up. Toast found itself remaining in the chill out room until we went back out to the rain with a smile on our faces.
We are getting old.

Review by Si McLean Pic by Chard Remains Photographical

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