Dark Souls 2 (PS3/360)


If you aren’t familiar already with Demon’s [sic] and Dark Souls, then they are notoriously tricky—but rewarding—games that depend on repeated deaths for successful progression. Some give up early on and refuse to see what the fuss is about; others engage deeply and spend hours lost in their worlds.

Whilst the series has swapped developers, and fans have speculated that the game would lose much of its appeal, becoming a more generic entry into the franchise, this is not the case, thankfully. A few changes have been implemented however. Most notably is the return of a hub area, where levelling up and items can be purchased or upgraded, as indeed can the hub itself with the addition of merchants you encounter along the way. As fast travel between bonfires is available from the beginning, this means there is no unnecessary backtracking required.

One major change—that isn’t acknowledged in game—is the disappearance of enemies after defeating them 12 times. This adds a new tactic to the game. Do you take on what is beyond the mist door now, or do you go through the area again, farming souls until it is cleared?

Most of the staples remain the same, although more of the areas are broken up with loading screens. The trade off is that the world of Drangleic is larger than Lordran and much more densely packed with monsters. This is brilliant. Buy It.

By Ants Ambridge

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