Deception IV: Blood Ties (PS3/PSVita)



IV? Being honest, the first three skimmed under my normally bat-like radar.

Which is kinda upsetting, as Deception IV: Blood Ties is a great game.
You are Laegrinna, the Devil’s daughter (of sorts), and are tasked with locating the Holy Verses that hold your old man captive. It’s complete hokum, of course, but y’know. It’s a videogame. We’ve got a reasonably high threshold in this regard.
Where it comes alive is through a novel idea (to me, at least. Missed the first three, didn’t I?), executed well. These verses are procured by setting up a series of booby traps to ensnare and damage a series of advancing mercenary types, all bent on bagging themselves a trophy as prized as the Devil’s daughter.
These traps are set by pausing the action, laying them out on a grid of the playing field, and then luring in your quarry.
Traps are of three distinct varieties (sadistic, elaborate, and humiliating) and have differing detriments to those caught within. It’s a little tricky to start with, but once you springboard a guy into the path of a speeding freight train, before dropping a brimming bedpan on his head, the sense of achievement is almost palpable.
In these days of fashionable but simple indie titles, and bone-busting AAA-ers, it’s refreshing to see a mid-tier original idea rear its head.

By Hal Walker

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