Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – (PS4)

deceptionIVThere can be few things in life more gratifying than carefully constructing a series of interlinking deathtraps, and seeing them go off without a hitch.

Developers Tecmo Koei know this, and have brought us this update to last year’s Deception IV: Blood Ties, but be warned: this is merely an update, and not a completely new title.

What is does add, though, is plentiful and worthwhile. Alongside the whole of the last game, there’s a new quest—comprised of 100 levels—and a new character,  Velgyrie. She brings with her, not only new traps and abilities, but can also kick enemies, the first time anyone has been able to directly interact with their quarry in the entirety of the Deception series. This means that, should your foe deftly sidestep your carefully placed trap, you can dash up and give them a swift boot to put them back on course. To their doom. And whilst this isn’t a major sea change, it’s a nifty update and adds a new element to the whole shebang.

Also new to the pot is the level creator and uploader, allowing tailor-made set ups to challenge other players, should they see fit.

For all the fun, though, there’s a certain lack of polish, which can frustrate at times. The trap set up can be laborious and repeated often, but for what else it brings to the table, we recommend you overlook this. It’s ace.

Hal Walker

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