Dedication Audio @ DLS 18/10/13

DEdicationAppetites were whetted for headline acts Alix Perez and Phaeleh, and the masses were in full force to get their fill.  

We headed to the basement room playing drum’n’bass where Revolver and Leona were warming up the night nicely.  Leona’s vocals ranged from soulful to haunting and complimented the beats perfectly – this local act is definitely one to catch, if you haven’t seen them already.  The sound system was in full effect with warm basslines rattling the ribcages and reverbing off the corrugated iron exterior; the engineer seemed to enjoy punching the fun button, and we weren’t complaining.  Upstairs was rammed—a testament to the DJs playing— though we rarely ventured there due to how busy it was and being caught in the DnB vibe.  Soul Intent played some heavy tracks and the atmosphere was rocking. The walls were sweaty but the crowd wasn’t leaning on them, just dancing like no one was watching – as it should be.  Alix Perez stepped up to play a set of soulful rollers, hip-hop fused beats and classics like Solitary Native. All of the residents held their own and contributed to a quality night.  Good people, great tunes, and more of Dedication Audio, please.

By Nick Wrong

Pic by Lanty Zhang Studio

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