Django DJango – Plug – 14th May

Django_django_0615Air filled with smoke and strobe lights a max, Django Django returned to a Plug stage.

Creating havoc and bouncing around the silhouetted quartet’s return to Sheffield almost looked like one of those bad iPod ads.

As the smoke settled and the genre-bending  experimental rockers blasted through a deafening set, a mixture of new material was tangled in with earlier hits. Trembling synthesised sounds made way for single ‘First Light’, a chorus which oozed harmonious singing and one of Django’s steadier drum beats, the tune fronted their new material which altered the dynamic of their set. Chaotic changes in sound transferring between almost drum and bass sounding rhythms through to hip-hop beats then indie rock guitar riffs Django successfully melted the heads of everyone in the room. Lengthy interludes filled with wavering electronic melodies and  chaotic drum clatters filled the room as a zesty on stage performance was replicated by a crowd who threw some interesting shapes.

“Default” created the biggest stir amongst the crowd of the night, met by a roar of cheers, the upbeat and infectious melody sprung the room into action towards the end of their set as the catchy strums of Neff’s guitar seized control.

Review by Jacob Flannery 

Pic by Scott Hukins

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