Do It Thissen

Part of Sheffield University’s Festival Of The Mind, Do It Thissen is a worthwhile endeavour, and one that should be taken note of. Hence us writing about it here.

Gathering and displaying record covers, photos and fanzines of the South Yorkshire post-punk era, the exhibition will run from 23rd – 30th September 2012, but they are appealing for your help.

Requesting any contributions you can make, they’re asking for  “your photos and memories of that time, especially if you were into music or even better, were in a band.”

The photos and memories, they continue, “can be of anything, you and your friends, groups, Sheffield, the Union, having a good time.”

The exhibition will also be showing work from contemporary artists—such as Tim Allcard, Couk, Lesley Guy, and Sid & Mallory—and, at the weekend, a screening of Eve Wood’s film, ‘Made In Sheffield’ and other performances planned, too.

All going on at Montgomery Hall in the city centre, from 23rd to 30th September. For more details, their Facebook page appears to be the best bet.

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