Doug Stanhope – O2 Academy -15th Oct

doug_1115One of the greatest comedians working today graces this fair town for the first time and you can’t even make it a sell-out? Nice one, Sheffield. You pipe’n’slippers real ale mofos.

Anyway. Hot on the heels of our recent chat with the man himself, we sent our rabid fanboy down to check out the misanthropic Stanhope. Often described as a ‘comedian’s comedian’, Stanhope is renowned for simply telling it like it is. A tasteless, hilariously un-PC gag will, nine times out of ten, give way to something, thought-provoking. His opening bit on the ‘two camps of crazy’ could elicit gasps in polite company (‘retard’ got a few airings) but his basic issue that society is less sympathetic to more, umm, behavioural issues was on point.

Similarly, a favourite bugbear of his is over- population, or the concept of having kids in general. As he would have it; there he was, nothing. Never had a bad day, no worries, nothing ever went wrong, and then he was born and it’s been downhill ever since. He makes a nice suggestion that life is nothing more than a joke that asshole would-be parents decided to play on the nonexistant.

To Stanhope, then. Long may he rant.

Review by James McVeigh

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