Downtown Roots – The Greystones – 10th December

downtown-rootsFront man Moz is one of the finest guitar players around, his skills are phenomenal which led to endorsement from Ernie Ball and Gibson Guitars at a very early stage in his career.

He has it all, the looks, the dress, the moves and the skills – but it’s not all about him; he is joined on set by drummer James and Bassist Pete, the three combine with ease and produce a captivating stage scene. There was a new addition to the band for this gig when they were joined by legendary sax player Saxbob.

The addition of this wonderful instrument (and player) only enhanced the overall sound and experience, as did Moz kicking the living daylights out of his temperamental amp. I’ve become slightly impatient to hear some new material, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Review & pic by Duncan Stafford

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