DuskTilDawn & <20hz Presents The Night Kitchen @ DLS 22nd March 2014

dusktildawnThe Night Kitchen looks a bit swanky, doesn’t it? The newly dressed venue was the perfect host for this night of heavyweight proportions.  

It certainly went off, that much is for sure. Upstairs <20Hz soundsystem and Sinai soundsytem slogged it out, throwing meaty right hooks across the dance floor. I’ve never heard bass like it, I’ve had noise rattle my ribcage before but never my nostrils.

Downstairs was home to DuskTilDawn and Benefit Recordings both of whom are at the forefront of the break beat scene. The room was bouncing with revellers throwing more shapes than a shot-putter at a rubix cube convention. I’m sure the night left many feeling satisfied that DuskTilDawn and <20Hz had thrown a great party. I left – slightly embarrassed by my dancing, a feeling I’m quickly becoming familiar with.

Review by Sam Briggs

Photo by Simon Sweetnam – Powell

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