Dying Light (PS4/XBONE)

Dying_light_0315 Developers Techland conjure mixed feelings, in general. Their Dead Island games were flawed curios, that just about gave back what one put in.

Here, though, whilst we see vaguely familiar ground being trod, the level of polish has been ramped up, and a much more rounded experience is on offer. Combining the dire circumstances of the DI games with a touch of Mirror’s Edge’s parkour has resulted in the player feeling less helpless throughout, with zombie hordes easily avoided by simply nipping up onto a nearby roof. The upgrade system harks back to DI, too, and once the agililty tree has been suitably augmented (not to mention the acquisition of a hookshot), the act of traversing the slums resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4) of Harran becomes an instinctive joy.

Periodically, unless you’ve opted out, another player can invade your game as a souped up zombie in the ‘Be The Zombie’ additional mode, halting proceedings whilst you get hunted down. It can interrupt play a little, but, as stated, is easily turned off. Should you (and up to four co-op players) need a break from the main game’s campaign, though, it adds a great extra something, and is well incorporated. Factoring the whole package in, what we have here is a fun—yet sometimes harrowing—experience; it’s a beautiful game that impenitently pilfers from a multitude of sources, and should keep you busy for some time.

By Hal Walker

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