Evolve (PS4/XBONE)

Evolve_0315Around these parts, Evolve’s heritage is a much revered legacy.

Turtle Rock’s previous offerings have entertained greatly, with Counter-Strike and, in particular, Left 4 Dead hoovering up much of our collective spare time. Evolve, then, has much to live up to. Thankfully, it delivers, and the four month delay has paid off dividends.

Fully online, you’ll team up with three other ‘hunters’ in order to take down one of, initially, three big ol’ monsters – each powerful enough to take you down were you solo, but with some solid team work (and no small effort), you should prove more than a match for the brute. Oh, and the monster is controlled by a living person at the other end of your interpipes, too. It’s a refreshing and unique concept, which, in practise, boils down to ‘protect/kill the medic’, depending on your allegiance. Despite having seen this dynamic in Team Fortress a while back, it’s surprising just how many people fail to catch on.

It’s not for the CoD crowd. Content is admittedly quite limited at the moment (though, there’s some unrest about the future expense of planned DLC), but as a primer for what will likely as not be a staple for a long time to come, it’s pretty much perfect. While it excels at what it is, its key strength—rewarding team-driven strategy—could turn out to be its main downfall, ironically. Unless you have three like-minds organised enough to unite on a regular basis, you’ll have to resort to random hook-ups. And that, as we know, can get messy.

Hal Walker

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