Far Cry 4 (PS4/XBONE)

farcryFar Cry 3 was an amazing experience that genuinely delighted me two years ago in my review for this magazine. ‘How do Ubisoft top this?’ I imagined to myself. The answer is by doing much, much more of the same.

Antagonist Pagan Min is less demented than the villain from 3. In fact he is more a comedic figure, lacking any menace apart from some shoehorned ‘baddie’ moments. The plot feels more of an afterthought this time around; something to do to unlock more abilities as opposed to the driving  force behind the game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Kyrat is an incredible area to explore and has a lot more to do in terms of side quests than the previous instalment.
There are more vehicles and, although the one stick control mechanism is still quite tricky to master in land vehicles, it makes perfect sense in the mini-helicopters that are dotted around the map.

The wildlife has increased tenfold. Large variations of creatures inhabit Kyrat with the sole intention of shitting you up and often killing you; exploring feels like an exercise in survival so much more than before.
The main problem is that the map is simply too big. Draw rates can be sluggish at times and I can’t help but think this would be improved by being 50% smaller.

Do we need collectibles these days? I think they are a largely pointless addition to the Far Cry experience, especially considering the awesome gameplay they possess.

Ants Ambridge

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