Frankie and the Heartsrings – Plug – 15th May

Frankie_0615A small but enthusiastic audience watched this Sunderland four piece give it everything they had and more.

They played a range of singalong classics to new ones off their upcoming record ‘Decency’, each one went down well with the crowd.

Their brilliant banter and relaxing approach to the gig put everyone at ease and left me dancing and smiling all the way through.

Their sound is nostalgic for me and reminded me of when I first began to love indie music. The fact that their new songs (although more mature) still emulate that sound is great! Whether this band make it huge or carry on playing in the smaller venues is really beside the point for me.

They are feel good, they do what they love and they just want everyone to have a good time. Surely that’s what music should be about. These lot are well worth a watch and well worth a listen!

Review by Megan Howson.

Pic by Russell Jones-Davis

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