Funeral For A Friend – Conduit

Funeral For A Friend are a staple of the British post-hardcore scene.

In Toast’s opinion, they have two sounds; the hooky radio-geared tracks and the harder stuff. The opener ‘Spine’ implies that here’s an album championing the latter. Title track ‘Conduit’ is heavy and brooding and comes complete with a tasty breakdown. The middle of the album is very much the same. Their style – and Davies-Kreye’s vocals – are so distinct, you get the feeling you’ve heard it all before. Tracks blend into tracks; albums into albums. The last fifty-five seconds of ‘High Castles’ is incredible, it’s just a shame the twenty-nine minutes before it didn’t realise their potential. Conduit is a good album, as are their previous works. It falls down because it’s exactly what you’d expect; no more, no less.

By Sam Briggs

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