GrandMaster Flash – Leadmill – 31st May

Grandmaster_Flash_0715“When I tell you to put your hands in the air, you PUT your HANDS in the AIR!”.

Two tracks in and Grandmaster has already put everything on hold; he’s dissatisfied with audience participation. Everyone responds fervently, and Flash launches into a relentless assault of hits. It showcases a variety of taste, but at times can be predictable; there’s not much here that wouldn’t be out of place at a standard club night.

Flash is clearly aiming to crowd please though, and when he smashes out classics from local legends such as Def Leppard and Roots Manuva the response is wild.

It’s all tightly mixed and tastefully compiled across vinyl to shame modern DJs however, and the audience’s feverish excitement paired with Flash’s enthusiasm and skill is what makes the night such wild, raucous fun.

Review by Jack Bendall

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