GTAV Online – (PS4/Vita)

Gtv_5We reviewed Grand Theft Auto 5 last year and positively gushed about it.

The re-master is now here and to sum up, it is just as brilliant, but prettier with more animals and distractions in it. What we only touched upon was the online mode, which is worthy of a review in itself.
Firstly, the full map of GTA 5 is available for you and friends or strangers to just piss about in. Up to 30 people can be in one session and hours of fun can be had causing mayhem and constructing your own missions based around the surroundings.

There are also missions supplied by GTA 5 side characters which help boost your experience points and money greatly, but these are much more difficult than the story missions and are fully intended to be played cooperatively. The bulk of the online mode is made up of deathmatches, team deathmatches, last man standing matches, parachute jumps, survival modes and races. The races are broken down into three different types; normal, rally and the absolutely sublime GTA races, where players can use weapons and pickups to win the race.

All of this comes at a price, and that is the shaky servers. There are often connection issues such as various members being booted out of games or separation of friends when they elect to go back to freemode. But there is no additional cost unless you wish to speed up financial gains with micro transactions, so it merely loses one point.

By Ants Ambridge

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