Infamous: First Light – (PS4)

InfamousThis was released a while back, but shit. Maybe if anyone bothered to release any games at this end of the year, maybe we wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics.

Though, why we never reviewed this at the time is beyond me. It’s a bit of a masterclass in DLC.
Padding out the backstory of a character from its big brother title, Infamous: Second Son – in this case, the refreshingly proportioned female support Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker – it serves not only as a tidy dessert for those who’ve had the pleasure of SS, it provides a teasing glimpse into the world for those who haven’t.

Fetch is a conduit – read ‘has badass powers’ – fleeing town with her brother, Brent, for fear of persecution of those with said abilities. Sadly, Brent gets whisked away at zero hour, and she has to perform all manner of criminal filth to insure his safe return. There’s your plot, succinctly put.

It’s a joy to play. Fetch’s neon-based powers are plentiful, but among them is the ability to proper leg it. Getting from one side of the play area to the other is a simple matter of bolting across and up the walls of the city, blasting and air-dashing your way about the place. It’s really fun.

That I:FL can be comfortably finished in an afternoon will either appeal or detract, depending on your worldview, but no-one can accuse it of not getting to the point. It’s a tasty meal for some of us, and for those hard pressed for time, it’s a series of delicious snacks that can be finished between baby changes, or whatever.

More, please.

By Hal Walker

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