James Morrison – Higher than here

James-Morrison_1115It’s been five years since this dream boat man has released any music, it’s about time.

There has never been anything wrong with James Morrison’s music, his musical ability is out of this world and his voice is truly something special. It’s times like these I quote my mum, where she said she liked his music but it all got a bit same-y, to which I do agree, but surely just more of the same good music isn’t a bad thing?

This album sees change in the pattern, Higher Than Here showcases Morrison’s talents for song writing and lyrics which blend perfectly with his smooth vocals. Opening track ‘Demons’ sets the hopeful and joy-filled tone that flows throughout the rest of the album, it’s thumping drums bring a motivational element which really suits his voice, and lyric-wise, don’t we all have Demons? To be honest, if you write a catchy melody and combine it with this kind of soulful voice, you can’t go wrong.

Ellie Greenfield

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