Josh Widdicombe – City Hall – 8th Oct

New-Josh-2015_-USEA man who loves Bake Off as much as I do, how could I not spend my evening listening to his anecdotes of life in the 90’s?

Playing in the intimate confines of the Memorial Hall, Josh humoured at this being the only venue he’s had to walk through the bar to get on to the stage. My +1 for the evening turned out to be the youngest person in the audience and therefore remained in full on conversation with Widdicombe throughout the show, she even got a Freddo at the end of the night.

That isn’t a euphemism, by the way. Sleeper trains, FunFax’ and the pains of buying a yoghurt but forgetting the spoon were all riddled by this amazing comedian.

Review by Ellie Greenfield

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