Jurassic World (multi-format)

Lego-Jurrasic_0715Do you enjoy Lego Games? Whether of not you should play Lego Jurassic World depends pretty much entirely on the answer to that question. Whilst tweaks have certainly been made since its original Star Wars outing back in 2005 (Good grief. Ten years ago?), the bulk of the gameplay has remained consistent throughout, and LJW does little to advance that formula.

A good litmus test for them is whether or not you’re familiar with the source license material, though; here at Toast Towers, Star Wars and the DC universe titles proved far more enjoyable romps than, say, the Harry Potter iterations, for example.

Everybody loves Jurassic Park though, right? Perfect Summer blockbuster fare, combined with MONST-AHs, should provide the perfect backdrop onto which developers Traveller’s Tales can successfully paint this year’s outing, and it holds up well, for the most part.

A sticking issue, for me, is the cumbersome and unwieldy nature of the larger dinosaurs, when it comes time to control them. One could argue that a dinosaur would, in all likeliness, prove difficult to control in reality, but this is hardly a simulation. Another point would be the injudicious use of voice samples for the original movies. To hear Laura Dern’s grunting ad nauseum as you smash though the vast swathes of Lego bits grates after a while – but, saying that, I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of a single noise Jeff Goldblum has ever made, so Dr. Ian Malcolm, suffering his ‘deplorable excess of personality’ remains a joy to behold.

But these are small niggles. What’s here is a fun jaunt, enjoyable for all, and an ideal antidote to the dour, one-man trawl-a-thons popular right now. And the option to play through the original trilogy and new movie from the outset will please those for whom instant gratification is a draw.

By Hal Walker

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