Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (PS3)

kindom-heartsFor fans of the series this package is a dream come true. For newcomers it stands as the ideal showcase to demonstrate why a bunch of  late twenties – thirty plus men are so engorged about the thought of an inbound Disney license and one featuring The Little Mermaid and Winnie the Pooh no less.

Taking centre stage is arguably the greatest title in the series, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, available for the first time on western shores and sporting a gloriously re-mastered HD sheen. The opening few hours remain a drag, but soon melt away into a perfect blend of high Disney adventure meets Final Fantasy that has no right even existing let alone working so unbelievably well. Even by today’s standards the action still feels fresh, exciting and well polished, though the lack of the option to remap the infuriating control scheme to the western standard frustrates.

The second title in the set is the Final Mix version of the PSP entry in the series Birth by Sleep, again making its debut on western shores. Acting as an origin to the whole confusing saga it helps add some coherence and thanks to the MMO style cool downs on abilities it adds a fresh layer of strategy which is missing from other entries.Bringing up the rear is the overly long and slightly unnecessary Re:coded movie, constructed wholly from cut-scenes from the DS game it will most likely appeal to purists only.

All in all, minor gripes aside, amazing.

Reese Berry

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