Lau + Woolly Mammoth @ The Greystones 8/11/12

There was a surprising lack of beards and sandals on show at the Greystones  as a packed out crowd waited in anticipation for LAU.

Support was from local lads Woolly Mammoth. These boys exceeded all my expectations, even though I have seen them all play in other bands. The two guitarists melded finger-picked melodies and percussive rhythms, overlaid with an intense and soaring cello. The instrumentals needed no lyrics to tell stories; the music itself filled the mind with images of landscapes and the lives lived in them.

LAU arrived on stage to much excitement and anticipation. They played a mixture of old songs and new album material. Consisting of a trio of guitar , violin and accordion, they mixed more traditional sung folk songs with epic instrumentals.  Whether the songs had lyrics or not they all seemed to tell stories of life, love and loss and brought to mind images of wild barren lands and the struggles of the folk who inhabited them. Each song was interspersed with the dry and self-deprecating wit of the band members, culminating in a fine Thursday night out for all.

Review by JohnPaul

Pic by Elly Lucas

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