LeftField – Albert Hall (Manchester) – 18th Jun

leftfield_01_0815Leftfield shrouded in a vale took to the stage and the PA was heavy!

It’s been some time since we saw them live, 2010 in fact when they performed material from Leftism and Rhythm and Stealth. Not tonight though as we were treated to the best of Alternative Light Source, and a few bits of old material.

‘Universal Everything’ came at me like a thundering train and blew me off my feet (nearly), the touring rig was heavy and sounded amazing with the bass resonating to the back of the venue, a real treat. I’ve got to mention the Albert Hall as a venue here, amazing!

It has a feel to it as a proper underground venue and the staff couldn’t have been nicer from the door to the bar, nice work. Joined on stage after ‘Little Fish’ had played out by MC Cheshire Cat and singer Ofei. The pace slowed down to walking as we were gifted a solid version of ‘Afrika Shox’ and ‘Swords’.  Our photographer had a moan at the screens front of stage as he couldn’t get a shot but I was high up on the balcony getting the full visuals so I was nothing but smiles, whistles and hands in the air!

They have just announced a tour for the end of the year and as I write other dates are dripping in like Greenman festival with a Thursday night slot. I will be after another helping but a road trip will be in order as there are no local dates.

Review by Si McLean.
Pic by Dunacan Stafford

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