Life Is Strange (episodes 1 & 2) (PS4/PS3/Xbone/360)

lifeisstrange_0515With many modern console games throwing increasingly harrowing experiences at a player, it’s refreshing to find one that can soothe, rather than aggravate one’s hangover.

Each episode takes but a couple of hours, and this gentle hybrid of Degrassi Junior High and Twin Peaks puts you in charge of the time-rewinding Max, as you mooch about and try to fit the pieces of a missing friend puzzle together.

Conversations that come to nought can be started again, only this time armed with the right answers or further knowledge. Games like A Wolf Among Us have paved the way perfectly for LiS, and with a little more regularity between episode relases, this could well be on many people’s end of year lists.

By Hal Walker

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