Lost planet 3 (360/PS3)

This is… most unsettling.  

As per, for Capcom, Lost Planet 3 features some outlandishly vicious foes and, of course, some unholy bosses. Having handed out development duties to a western company (Spark Unlimited), though, LP3 adds to the franchise some surprising new elements – like charm, and comic timing.

Your guy, Peyton—a kind of Nic Cage/Christopher Lee hybrid—mills about the ‘hub and spoke’ style environs of E.D.N.III, making banter with a variety of heavy-handed stereotypes, as he dutifully obeys orders barked at him – all in the name of money. He kinda reminds Toast of its time in the fish factories of 90s Grimsby. Only he kills more aliens, and has a lot more fun, we’d wager. Fish smells pretty strong.

By Hal Walker

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