NME Tour – Leadmill -19th Feb

NME-Tour-Fat-White-Family-live-at-the-Leadmill_0415A proper line up for this one. 3 epic bands all on one bill.

First to take to the stage were Slaves, I fondly remember seeing them a year ago and in the last 12 months their popularity and performance has considerably grown, making for a high energy show with lots of confidence and a clear base of fans mingled within the audience.

A blistering set from Fat White Family came next but they were a bit subdued to be honest, maybe they’d received a talking to from the Leadmill about behaving themselves, the only hiccup was that they didn’t want to stop at the end of their set. The crowd loved them despite Lias keeping his clothes on and not shitting/wanking on stage. After the removal of Amazing Snakeheads from the bill earlier in the year, Palma Violets were on earlier and had more time than expected, they were pretty good other than their bass player being a dick and telling us photographers to fuck off after the 3rd song. Wanker.

After their long set jam-packed with all their big tunes, the sold out Leadmill roared in approval and we all left the sweaty venue for the cool air outside.

Review & pic by Duncan Stafford.

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