October Drift, Plug 8th May

October-Drift_0615Opening up with their new single ‘You Are, You Are’, the crowd went mad for a band they’ve followed from the start, a new single did not discourage this lot as they waved and jumped like they’d known it for years.

October Drift’s heavy sound was compliment by front man Kiran’s ‘classic indie’ voice, which was appreciated by the audience who danced and sang along throughout.

Plug’s lighting rig was brought truly into play as strobes lit up the venue, causing the vibe to drive forward and be even more insane, things began to heat up from the start as enthusiasm levels never once swayed.

As always, the boys were electric and full of energy which bounced backwards and forwards between audience and band alike, boosting the atmosphere into something magnificent.

Review and pic by Hana Harrison.

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