Olli Olli (PSvita)

olliFor anybody who’s played any of the earlier entries in the seminal Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, your first thoughts when seeing OlliOlli in action will be “Wow. It’s a 2D Tony Hawk’s game”, then you’ll play it and you’ll think “Rrrr! Why is this not a 2D Tony Hawk’s game?”

You’ll most likely start your run, realize you have precious little time to pull off any kind of flip before reaching the top of the stairs, and then you’ll slam. Then you’ll slam again, and again, and again, etc. And then, just as you contemplate slamming your controller (not recommended when playing on a Vita), and turning it off in favor of dusting off your old copy of Pro Skater 2, it clicks. Slowly, at first, but enough for you to reach the end of the run. Then you try again—determined to hit the ludicrous optional target score of 20 whole thousand points it’s tasked you to beat—it clicks some more, and you smash it. Then you just have to go back and tick the other optional boxes, before you can possibly even consider moving on. And, it’s at that point that something else clicks; OlliOlli is not a Tony Hawk’s game, it doesn’t need to be anything other than what it is. An awesome little game.

By Reese Berry

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