Parka – Plug – 16th January

parka_01Plug’s Sound Engineer did a great job for this feedback-free night and the music rang through with clear definition. UnderLight, a five-piece rock band warmed up the crowd, ending with some rousing tracks before ‘Parka’ were welcomed to the stage. They clearly had a strong fan-base who chanted ‘Yorkshire’ in anticipation of the first song; ‘Woahh.’

The Indy-Pop band brought a bright, upbeat vibe playing carefully structured songs composed with an eye for detail. All four of the lads played their instruments with skill and the vocalist delivered the mostly light-hearted lyrics with plenty of flair.

They played several covers calling a girl up from the crowd to sing on ‘Little Talks’ and during their rendition of ‘Mr Brightside’ many of the crowd joined the lads on stage. The covers were well played and ‘Parka’ kept their set fresh, introducing a slower track without losing energy and developing with a “new” song that felt a little grittier and featured a strong solo from the lead guitarist.

Over-all ‘Parka’ played a solid set, though it would be nice to hear a few more of their own songs in future gigs. Keep writing lads!

Review by Peter Andrews

Pics by Kelly Pattinson

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