Planet Zogg – Plug – 10th Jul

Zogg_0815A warm summers evening, a rammed Plug, a very mixed crowd, four screen trippy visual overload, festival style decor, banging choons, buckets being shook, and sat there serenely – two Buddha statues on stage – it can only mean one thing..

The annual Zogg free party! There’s fresh faced students, old hippies, Goths, hipsters and people who look like they’ve wondered in off West St, all smiling, dancing and generally having a whale of a time. The main room mixes psychedelic breaks and dub-step style stuff before settling down to the familiar four to the floor and some no nonsense stomping. Down a rabbit hole (through the doors at the back) is the second room playing D&B with live flute and guitars (Emily J & Omith); with everything from funk, breaks to free party jungle and gypsy breakcore courtesy of the Ragga Tan Clan.

And yes – twerking and boggling! Dawn breaks but partying continues until the traditional last tune “What a Wonderful World” and a massive group hug circle.

Review by Billy Disco.

Pic by Mark Cohen

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