Planet Zogg – Plug – 6th December

zOGGOn a chilly January night its easy to see why Planet Zogg is still thriving after 15 (!!) years.

A festival in a club is often promised, but this comes pretty close. Plug is decked out in fluoro cosmicness, there’s facepainting, a cafe selling teas and even security are smiling. The eclectic friendly crowd takes in wide eyed youngsters, veteran festival goers, students, dready hippies and girls in their best going out frocks.

The dancefloor is the main attraction and its full from midnight to closing with a heady soundtrack of Atomizer techno, psychedelic breaks from live act Hedflux and of course Dill & Greg Zogg’s hyperdelia. 6am brings a Louis Armstrong sing along and group hug finish.  Resistance is Futile!!

Review by Billy Disco 

Pic by Northern Wonderer

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