Rae Morris – Leadmill – 9th Oct

rae_1115As Rae Morris walks onto the stage and straight up to her keyboard, the crowd ignites with anticipation. She plunges straight into ‘Grow’, ‘Skin’, and ‘Unguarded’ before pausing to welcome the audience.

These first three songs show talent beyond her twenty three years, and originality which is borne out in rest of her music choices. She treats us to ‘Do You Even Know’, ‘Closer’, and ‘Don’t Go’, a personal favourite that is simply breath-taking in its gentle, earnest tone. After soaring through ‘Under the Shadows’, which is ‘one to dance to’ in Rae’s own words (she’s certainly not wrong), she finishes with ‘Morne Fortuné’.

The drum beats ensure a dynamic finale, and as Morris leaves the stage and the lights dim, the crowd scream enthusiastically for more. After a few tentative moments, Morris and her ensemble return to the stage, buoyed by deafening applause. ‘Luna’ and ‘Love Again’ make up the encore, energising the room to a whole new level. Yet she remains incredibly humble, thanking the audience after each song and coming close to tears at the sheer volume of the post-encore applause. Bowing out a second time, Rae Morris leaves the audience feeling energised and warm, despite the chilly night.

Review by Kate Lovatt. Pic by Kevin Wells

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