Rainbow Moon (PS3)

Old school JRPGs, eh?

Hours of menu surfing and meticulous grinding. Convoluted plots about androgynous loudmouths. Promising the spouse you will turn it off at the next save point, only to have a blazing row because there was a random battle for every frame of movement. Rose tinted glasses are worn by many gamers for the past – this game is aimed directly at those people.

Rainbow Moon has the cutesy look off the bat and has a plot about… erm, something. Something to do with Rainbows? Anyway, it is a turn based, tactical battle affair which seems pointless around the start, but really comes into its own the more time you give the game. Thankfully, you can see the enemies on screen, so can avoid them if need be. Random battles are present, but they are optional, which is nice also.

The game can be saved at any point, which makes it easy to drop in and out of. Grinding is reduced by being able to purchase gold and rainbow pearls online, the latter being how you mount up your skill points. What this game has essentially done, is fix what was annoying about RPGs and charge less than a tenner.

By Ants Ambridge

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