resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4)

Resident_evil_0315Is there any point to this? Not the remaster itself— plenty of point to that, which I’ll get to in a minute—but this review right here. It could simply read ‘It is Resident Evil’, surely?

For the benefit of the three people out there who’ve not come across it before, Resident Evil is… actually, you know what? They should’ve done their homework – this is, like, the tenth release of the ‘96 classic, or something.

So, how does it fare, nearly 20 years later? Better than most titles from that era, is the honest answer. There are several game design decisions that will leave many a younger games player cold (having been mollycoddled by a more contemporary library of titles), such as limited save points and a restrictive inventory, but this only serves to perfectly illustrate just how games were back then. Handholding and signposting are in scant supply, too, with nonsequential puzzles that could well leave one scratching their heads, unless they kept a handy notebook of their finds and the such. It’s almost a surprise toe see that trophies/achievements have been added, given just how uncompromising the rest of it is.

There’s a control addition, allowing the player to simply point their avatar in the direction desired, rather than the traditional tank movement, but we eschewed it, ‘cos we are teh h4rdcorez. At the end of the day, though, Resident Evil remains every inch the modern classic.

Hal Walker

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