SGT Buzfuz – S6 Girls

s6Not gonna lie, when this rocked up in our office, I didn’t really know what I was looking at, a beautifully printed booklet titled ‘S6 Girls’ with some ladies’ legs on the front cover caused me some apprehension.

However, on further inspection and finding a two track CD inside, I realised it’s actually a wonderfully graphic and quirky lyric book to the track ‘S6 Girls’ by Sargeant BuzFuz, which while listening, details the journey of Sheffield lasses on a night out from Holme Lane to Ecclesall Road and back again. Originally from South London, BuzFuz have crafted their blend of rock and folk to create these two tracks, which are just a snippet of the new album Balloons for Thin Linda which is out in April. Find it and get listening.


Ellie Greenfield.

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