Shrek the Musical – Lyceum – 28th May

Shrek001What a show. From the characters, to the costumes, to the set design, to the technicalities they conquered with ease.

I wasn’t entirely sure how it would work on stage, a story of ogres, donkeys and princesses was never going to be easy to do without being ultimately cheesy. The main man played the part of Shrek with perfect timing, the chemistry between him and leading lady as Princess Fiona was adorable and so pleasant to watch blossom; the pair accompanied by the sassy Donkey added to the flow and charisma. However, one man stole my heart the whole way through and that was the pint-sized performance of Lord Farquaad; the actor played the part on his knees with fake legs attached – which was as impressive as it was entertaining (and he blew me a kiss, I got too giddy). A small issue with the set caused the show to take an early break, however, this pushed the cast to perform their hearts out. Amazing.


Review by Ellie Greenfield.

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