Sleaford mods – Leadmill – 4th Jun

Sleaford-Mods_0715‘The smell of piss is so strong it smells like decent bacon’; lyrics taken from the duo’s ‘Tied Up in Notz’ are only a sliver of the backlash of rants and verbal onslaught Jason Williamson angrily rants towards a Leadmill crowd, slating every aspect of our mundane existence.

A room filled with a broad spectrum of people were subjected to harsh rants and a sour sense of humour, which depicted the everyday hammer of low paid employment and domestic nightmares. Verse after verse was spat out with an anger that could be felt in the room and was recognised as crowd members shouted back ‘Jolly fucker, jolly fucker’, in an almost equally recognised frenzy.

Punk rants that vaguely resembled the poetry of John Cooper Clarke could be an apt mistake to make when describing the duo who blasted away the witty charm attributed to the likes of Clarke and replaced it with a more ‘fuck you’ attitude.

Shouting to a Sheffield crowd who seemed to have a great deal of respect for the duo, the gig wasn’t overshadowed by the few people you couldn’t help but notice hanging around the back of the venue in shock.

Review & pic by Jacob Flannery.


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