Slow Club Queens Social Club 28th Feb

Slow-Club_live-on-stage_0415Queens Social Club was packed to the rafters for the Sheffield band Slow Club who have been touring their latest album Complete Surrender.

The duo of singer/songwriters who front the group were in great form. Rebecca Taylor’s huge voice filled the room while Charles Watson’s warm tone balanced the dynamic – him playing delicate piano riffs while she rocked out front-stage with an electric guitar.

They played a set from the new album varying the tone through minimal songs in which Rebecca’s voice held the crowd memorised, to raucous tunes like ‘Suffering you, Suffering me’ where the bassist and drummer kicked in with an upbeat bouncing rhythm. The lyrics were strong, not just in delivery, but with relevant themes and some sharp, thought-provoking lines. Overall an impressive gig.

Review by Peter Andrews.

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