Soma – (PS4)

SomaOoh, it’s getting dark early, now. Fjallraven Kanken Big Time to whip out some scary-ass game with which to stain your undercrackers, all behind the comfort of some gingerly closed curtains. Could Soma be that game? Yes. It certainly could. chaussures de foot puma For a while, at least. That magic eight hour length has been hit here – and along the way, Soma both teases your amygdala and cerebrum, often simultaneously. Some frightening puzzles here, then, and a manageable chunk of game, for those with responsibilities in life. For a horror game, it’s refreshingly light on jump scares, instead concentrating on some fresh ideas and a gripping story. Nike Air Max 2016 Italia In many ways, it feels like an echo of last year’s Alien Isolation, stripping you of any real way of fighting back against the horrors encountered throughout; these bastards will come and investigate just about anything you do, from turning your torch on, to wiping your nose. Asics 2017 Dames It’s a level of tension that may put some lily-livered types off the experience, but they can step off, basically. Go finger your My Little Pony collection, you pack of johnsons. Adidas Zx 800 Heren As with all good horror games, audio is a heavily considered element, as well. From diagetic background atmosphere (pipes clang, screams reverberate, and retro-futuristic computers happily bang on) to the highly informative final log entries from deceased staff, it should win some kind of medal or something. Nike Air Huarache Dame Sci-Fi horror is largely our bag round these parts, so Soma was always going to entertain, but we never expected this level of attention. And at half the price of a, er, full price game, it’d be a real Spunkmeyer who turns a blind eye to this. It’s in the room.

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