South Park: The Stick Of Truth (360/PS3)


Licensed games tend to range from truly awful to decidedly average. South Park: The Stick of Truth has entered the realms of exceptions to that rule along with the Warriors and the first two Batman Arkham games.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have previously shown their knowledge and love for the videogame industry with episodes such as Guitar Queer-o and Make Love Not Warcraft. Their input on this game shows a level of love and attention that no fan of South Park should be without. This is possibly the funniest game to be released so far in the history of games.

Humour aside, the game itself is a very good, albeit slightly short, RPG. The battles have a lot in common with the Mario RPG series, where timed button presses increase attack and defence. Traditional RPG staples such as summons and status effects have been translated in a typical South Park Style, such as Jesus arriving to machine gun the hell out of the opponents, or adding a tuft of ginger pubic hair to a weapon, making the opponent all grossed out and vomiting and that.
Exploration is pure fan service; examining the houses’ contents shows references from the show’s entire 17 season run, most notably Cartman’s wardrobe. To reveal a lot of the game’s charms would border into spoiler territory, but needless to say, it has to be seen to be believed. The potential for sequels/DLC satirising many videogame tropes are endless and Stone/Parker are the right guys for it.

By Ants Ambridge

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