Sylvester Stallone – City Hall – 25th January

Sly_stallone_0315As the opening film-montage reeled, the tension in the audience built and when the 68-year old entered the stage, the place lost its mind.

Joining Mike Read on the cosy combo of armchair/sofa, City Hall held its breath as the questions began, starting from career related, hurtling through his childhood and taking a trip through his more embarrassing times (he keeps Pomeranians) – we joined the two in discussion for the life of Sylvester Stallone. The night went on and we covered his upcoming works, including a Rocky spin-off and talks of a new Rambo, Stallone told us that he still gets embarrassed by his 93 year old mom, he sold his dog for extra cash when he was younger, and humbly disclosed that Doctors and Surgeons are his heroes after they saved his daughters life.

Question time, and chaos ensued. We Northerners love a good fight, anybody who took too long or got over emotional was greeted with a roar of ‘GET ON WITH IT’ which echoed through the auditorium.

None of this threw him of as he calmly hugged teary woman after another. To end, 83 year old Little Mester Reg Cooper came to present him with a handcrafted Sheffield Steel Bowie Knife. Lovely.


Reviewed by Ellie Greenfield 

Pic by Glenn Ashely

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